Waistbead adornment is your birth rite.

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Above and Beyond Quality

We offer a Waistbead Boutique experience to co-craft high quality waistbeads for women and girls.  We design them to be comfortable and durable as well as attractive.  

Waist Ware is luxurious hand beaded jewelry enriched with curated gems and stones from around the world. Let us entice your imagination and create your very own waistbeads. 

Ancient tradition for the woman of today.

Cultivating Sparkling Relationships

When you choose us, whether it's your first or tenth time, your waistbeads will be one of a kind. During your search for the perfect gemstone or crystal, we guide you to trust yourself and choose best for your interests. 

Our Promise

We treat our customers with the honesty and respect they deserve. We want clients to feel the same love when wearing the pieces from our store that we do in making them. 

Femininity & Waistbeads with Founder of Waist Ware - Kenisha

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